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RFID Timing

The most important factor to the success of any race is the accuracy and timeliness of the race results. Providing accurate and timely results is the cornerstone of RACETIME and is where we stake our reputation. RACETIME provides a variety of timing options depending on the size and type of race:

  • RACETIME Bib with embedded RFID

  • RACETIME Shoetag for mass running events

  • RACETIME Tag for "wet events"

  • Multiple backup systems at finish line (video, pull tags)

  • Multiple split points

rfid race timing solution singapore

A companion to timing, race results must also be accurate and timely. We strive for near-realtime results, regardless of the timing method chosen.

  • Timely awards listings

  • Preliminary results printed and posted during race

  • Preliminary results posted to the Internet from the race site

  • Finishers' results kiosks

rfid race timing solution singapore how to use wear install the racetime shoetag on your running shoes
Event Marketing

Reaching out to your potential participants is important before you start registration. This ensures that the sporting community knows about your event and will registrer:

  • Printed collaterlas like FLYERS / POSTERS / BANNERS

  • Printing and mailing of invitation letters / postcards

  • Email blast

  • SMS blast

Event Registration

Timely and accurate registration is essential to a smooth packet pickup and race day registration process. RACETIME can assist with your registration by providing the following services:

  • Online registration and event website design

  • Barcoded confirmation slips for easy participant tracking

  • Participant lists and demographics

  • Race kit production and packing in prepration of your race expo

  • Sponsor advertising opportunities

examles of race bib printing
Race Essentials Printing ( Number Bib )

Our bibs have been used in many prestigious international events both in Singapore and around the region. From as few as 100 pieces to in excess of 100,000 pieces, we can offer your event a quality product at an affordable price. All our race number / race bibs are tear and waterproof. In addition, we are able to personalise the names of every participant onto their bib. Such personalisation and creativity helps you to differentiate your event and provide a highly personalised experience for all your participants. For once, the supports can chear every participants name as they run past them. Also great for the emcess who can call our their names as they cross the finish line.

  • Full colour printing / no limitation to colours

  • Barcodes can be printed

  • Tear proof / Fade proof / Water proof

  • Can be personalised with names, contact information and medical detals

Other Race Printing

We can print whatever else you may need for your event.

  • Banners

  • Posters

  • Vouchers

  • Race Booklets

  • Baggage Tags

  • Stickers

  • Security Wristbands

  • Bike Flags

  • Helmet Stickers

  • Accreditation Pass + Lanyard

  • Tickets

  • Coupons

  • Temporary Tattoos

exampe of waterproof tear resistant stickers
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