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RFID race timing . Online Registration . Race Printing
Are you planning your upcoming race event and seeking professional timing that aligns with your budget? We're here to assist! Our expertise extends to seamless race printing and online registration services, ensuring your event runs smoothly.

Specialising in Commercial Races, School IPPTs, or Cross Country events, our Singapore-based team is equipped to manage events both locally and regionally. Let us help make your race event a memorable success!

The most important factor to the success of any race is the accuracy and timeliness of the race results. Providing accurate and timely results is the cornerstone of RACETIME and is where we stake our reputation. RACETIME provides a variety of timing options depending on the size and type of race:

  • RACETIME Bib with embedded RFID

  • RACETIME Shoetag for mass participation events

  • RACETIME Tag for "wet events"

  • Multiple backup systems at finish line
    (photos, pull tags)

  • Multiple split points

Race Timing Services

Using the latest in 2nd Generation RFID technology our race bibs are the timing device. Simplify your race operations, no more unnecessary handling of an additional timing device. Together with our race printing and online registration expertise, it is definitely a cost effective 1 stop solution.

RACETIME Technology

We use world class hardware which is also being used in similar timing equipment in the world. As you only pay for the timing chips produced, there is no wastage; Plus, we do all our chip production locally in Singapore, which means there is no need for any pre-order or forecast ahead of time.

rfid race timing solution singapore
Our Portfolio
rfid race timing solution singapore portfolio images of various race timing setup
Since 2008 RACETIME has successfully timed over 3000 mass participation races in Singapore and around the region.

Over 5 million results published since 2008, and growing. 

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Drop us an email contactus {at} racetime {dot} com {dot} sg

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